E3 2018: Five Things You Need To Know From EA

Today’s EAPlay Press Conference brought some surprises and some new information on games we’ve been looking forward to – check out five pieces of key information you need to know!

Battlefield V will not have loot boxes or a premium pass, and will introduce a new Royale mode

While you’ll still be able to customize your gear, vehicle and weapons, no loot boxes means you’ll always know what you’re getting when you buy extra content. With this game we also get the announcement of Royale mode, a mode that we at Autosave suspect will continue to pop up throughout E3 in all sorts of different games.

A new tier of Origin Access is launching this summer

Origin Access Premier will allow access to all of the new PC games EA is launching (including Madden 19, which marks the return of the franchise to PC), as well as access to their vault of older games. You can also get free Origin Access basic this weekend (June 9th-11th) to test it out and see if the subscription service is right for you. The pricing has been revealed as $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Star Wars Battlefront II is getting new game features and some exciting new characters

While Battlefront II is currently launching the new Han Solo content to parallel the movie, there’s already more new stuff in the pipeline! The new content includes a squad system, making it easier to play with friends, a starfighter mode that allows you to dogfight with hero ships, and a large scale multiplayer experience that will involve capturing command posts and taking out captiol ships. And last, but not least, there is some good old Clone Wars content on the way. New hero and villain characters are being introduced: General Grevious, Count Dooku, Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker will all be available for the first time.

There’s a new Unravel game. Like, right now. Today.

Today we learned about the sequel to Unravel, called Unravel Two, which offers both a solo and a co-op mode where Yarny and a new blue friend navigate their way through a thrilling new world together. Those of you who loved your first adventure with Yarny will be happy to learn EA made the surprise announcement that it has released this game TODAY. What are you waiting for? Go get it!

The new BioWare title, Anthem, offers a unique not-quite MMO experience – and still no loot boxes!

Anthem focuses on a solo play experience that is enhanced by a shared world area with other players. BioWare creators stated that they wanted the solo story line to feel special to each player, with their choices affecting things the way that BioWare players have come to love and expect. However, you can go out into the world in your Javelin and squad with up to 3 friends to explore the dangerous open world areas. Cosmetics and vanities will be available to customize your Javelin’s looks, but in the same vein as the other games they talked about this year, there will be no loot boxes and no option to pay for power. Also missing, however, is the romance option many were hoping Bioware would include – does this change things for you? Let us know in the comments!

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