Bethesda at E3 2018: Fallout, Rage and Elder Scrolls, Oh My

Bethesda’s conference was one of the most highly-anticipated pressers at E3 2018. There was a lot of ground covered, but luckily we’re here to summarise it all.

Todd Howard. The man. The meme. The legend. Just the name alone sends a shiver down the spine of people both in the games industry and those at home waiting for new games. We knew he had things to tell us. But that would have to wait – there was a lot to cover first.

Bethesda Softworks Vice President Pete Hines started the show, promising all kinds of surprises. The theme of the year is “Create”, celebrating the teams who create the games.

Bethesda E3 Rage 2

The first item on the docket was RAGE 2, sequel to the 2011 shooter developed by id Software. Though the game’s announcement was leaked last month, Bethesda still had one way to create excitement: Andrew W.K. The party man himself performed, amping the energy of the room. Bethesda, along with id and Avalanche Studios (Just Cause), promise a seamless open world filled with bright colors and insane carnage to go along with new weapons, new vehicles, and new abilities.

Elder Scrolls Legends, the Elder Scrolls strategy card game, will be available later this year on Nintendo Switch, XBox One, and Playstation 4 with updated graphics and even more lore. Download it now for PC, mobile, and tablet, and any progress made will be carried over to the console versions later.

Matt Firor, game director of Elder Scrolls Online, shared updates on the popular MMO. The next DLC for ESO (coming 2018), called Wolf Hunter, has werewolves, and the one after that promises more lore on Argonians in Black Marsh.

Bethesda E3 Doom Eternal

DOOM Eternal, the next chapter in the rebooted DOOM franchise, promises an even more powerful Doom Slayer and twice as many demons to plow through in a literal Hell on Earth. We only got a short teaser for the game, with more details to come at QuakeCon later this year in Dallas.

Bethesda wanted to remind us that Quake has been in the eSports game for around for 20 years, but that doesn’t mean a total noob can’t jump right in: in the latest announcements for Quake Champions, we’re promised new features, and even free access this week (and free access forever, as long as you download this week).

A free update for Prey is available now from Arkane Studios, including Story Mode, New Game+, and Survival Mode. The new Prey DLC, called Mooncrash, promises a new experience each playthrough, where every death matters, and every second counts. Also announced is asymmetrical multiplayer mode Typhon Hunter, a lethal game of hide and seek where one player goes head to head with five other players who get to be mimics. It promises team play and many, many jumpscares.

Bethesda E3 Wolfenstein Youngblood

Two new Wolfenstein games were announced: Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot VR. Youngblood, starring BJ and Anya’s twin daughters, is set in 1980s Paris and can be played either solo, or with a friend through co-op. Cyberpilot VR puts you into the shoes of a hacker whose entire goal is to cause as much grief for Nazis as possible. Because f*%# Nazis. And, for those wondering, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be released on Nintendo Switch June 29.

The pinnacle of the show, however, came with the arrival of a leather jacket-clad Todd Howard, who brought news of Fallout 76. It’s four times the size of Fallout 4, set in the hills of West Virginia. The game will take the player through six distinct regions, and combines local folklore and storytelling in the creation of new creatures and new lands. Fallout 76 is entirely online, but the option of solo play is still available for those of us who prefer that – however, the inclusion of PVP gameplay may sour some to the experience. Settlement crafting returns in Fallout 76, with the C.A.M.P. feature replacing the workshop. Players can also fight to control the nuclear armaments left behind by pre-war military to attack rival settlements. Fallout 76 will be released November 14, 2018, with the beta coming soon.

Bethesda E3 Fallout 76

Fallout Shelter is now available on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch for free.

Another free-to-play game will be coming this fall from Bethesda, this time set in the Elder Scrolls universe: Elder Scrolls Blades. It is a mobile first-person RPG with console-quality graphics. The game has both pre-made and procedurally generated dungeons, as well as the ability to play in portrait mode. Blades has several modes of play: Abyss, Arena, and Town. Abyss is a never-ending dungeon crawl, Arena is PVP, and Town is the story mode with an upgradable city and the ability to visit the towns of friends. Blades will also be coming to consoles and PC with crossplay ability. You can go to to register for early access.

The penultimate piece of news for the night was word of an entirely new and original IP from Bethesda, called Starfield. No info exists yet, aside from trailer visuals set in space.

And finally, Skyrim 2! I’m sorry, I mean Elder Scrolls VI. There’s no word on the story or release date, but the small teaser most certainly whet the appetites of Elder Scrolls fans everywhere.


todd howard
The Man. The Meme. The Legend.
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