#SonyE3 – The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Trailer

The #SonyE3 presentation started off strong, with Argentine musician and game composer Gustavo Santaolalla performing a beautiful solo on banjo. The lights went dark, and the new gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part II began.

The trailer begins with Ellie in a dance hall identical to the hall the live audience was in, a large white tent with draped lights overhead. Ellie, now 19, watches happy people dancing. Joel is mentioned as Ellie’s overprotective “dad”, though he isn’t seen in the trailer. Ellie is pulled onto the dance floor by a young woman named Dina (Shannon Woodward of Westworld), and after a short conversation, kissed deeply.

The scene shifts into a short gameplay sequence, starting with Ellie brutally killing a man by stabbing him in the throat. Stealth gameplay appears similar to that seen in the previous game, as well as other Naughty Dog title Uncharted 4. Ellie moves from brush to a parking garage, executing a stealth kill with a bow and arrow on an unsuspecting foe. She continues her path and must kill two more before running for her life as enemies converge. We see multiple stealth and weapon options as Ellie fights her way through a band of enemies. We also see the crafting menu as Ellie creates an explosive arrow.

The trailer ends with a bookend, as we return to Ellie and Dina at the party, with Dina whispering teasingly that any onlookers should be absolutely terrified of Ellie.

A release date for The Last of Us Part II has not been confirmed.

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