The Steam Summer Sale Is Here, So Kiss Your Money Goodbye

It’s that time again, folks.

As sure as day follows night, the Steam Summer Sale has landed on the fourth Thursday in June, just as it has for the last three years. Gamers all around the world are rejoicing (or commiserating, depending on the status of their bank accounts) as prices drop on a vast number of games available via Valve’s digital shopfront. Notable inclusions this time around include PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with its first price cut since hitting the service, and Grand Theft Auto V finally hitting a greater-than-50% discount. This year also includes a pleasantly distracting browser-based game for you to play in which you must defend your alien base from attackers. Points earned in this game actually count towards winning you free games from a selection of 20 curated for the giveaway.

Valve, the game developer and powerhouse behind Steam, has come under a lot of flak recently for its policy on moderating offensive material after a post on the Steam blog seemed to imply that Steam was simply too large and nebulous to effectively moderate. The issues began after Steam threatened to remove sexually-explicit visual novels from the service, whilst keeping games which are otherwise sensitive or outright intolerant on the digital shelves. This year’s Summer Sale will no doubt help to smooth over a lot of troubles that some gamers have voiced with the service, and marks a perfect time to vote with your wallet on the titles you would like to see Valve support.

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