Crystal Revision: Back and Blue

Crystal Revision follows one inept player’s (second) quest to finish a challenge run of Final Fantasy V for the annual Four Job Fiesta fundraiser.

Well, well, well.

Two weeks ago, I’d prepared an update and taken all the screenshots, and fortunately the text was safe. But I dealt a knockout blow to my poor laptop and lost my ongoing game and even the emulator.

My laptop turned out to be a lost cause, and it took me a minute to figure out my next step, just in time to tweet at Four Job Fiesta organizer Eric Koziol to ask for a redo. I gave $25 to Child’s Play so my lost and subsequent runs could still count for Koziol’s fundraiser, which has raised over $17,000 this year.

And, of course, the ROM industry took a big hit between when I started and lost my game. As a result, I’m playing my second run using the 2006 GameBoy Advance port, which has some interesting and fun updates over the original. Let’s dive in!

Lenna’s dad leaves again.


We join Bartz, no longer Butz in the official 2006 English translation.


And we find Galuf and get our first taste of the dialect (“Sakes alive!”) that marked the original Japanese version.


There’s also a lot of exposition added to this version. Look, it’s so natural!


We grab Faris the pirate and sail to the nearest town, where I re-get the strange lap dance that unlocks the first piano. The GBA port at least tones down the red-out effect as your lead character gets, uh, flustered.


And finally, we tackle the wind shrine and our first new job: Blue Mage.

In addition to the new exposition and clearer dialogue, the art is cleaner and sometimes more animated. The menus are much easier to use and the font is better. But I’m pleasantly surprised how much the port is just the same game, which is classic and well paced. I look forward to more polished writing.

As far as jobs go, a team of blue mages is way better than a team of white mages, or so I think right now. We can reassess next week.

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