Sunless Sea is a Totally Normal Game Full of Normal Things

When you play Sunless Sea – like Chase did in this week’s Never Have I Ever – everything is fine.


Sunless Sea is a normal game. I have had a completely normal time playing it.

1. It’s pretty here.

Isn’t the sea floor vibrant?


What an interesting landform.


There’s probably a great view!


I’m sure these names are just expressions.


History is all around.


2. I’ve made new friends.

I told these royal youths some lies.


These helpful living clay people make my ship faster.


After a game, these nice folks stabbed each other.


I only need to murder his body if it’s stolen.


He is honest about his dishonesty!


3. The bounty of the sea is at my fingertips.

These sharks are no longer a danger.


Sometimes I can eat this.


Bones are no longer alive, usually.


Names are a normal thing to eat.


I found these nice murder secrets!


This one isn’t even very big or deadly.


4. There are such normal places to visit.


If this king likes my stories, he holds me prisoner underwater.


Postal workers use rats for currency here.


They invited me to help them sacrifice their bull.


The eels are somewhere else.


This volcano to hell is a popular tourist spot.


Nothing eats you here.


That nest of snakes isn’t even alive!


The mangroves are being swallowed up, and the mud will also try to swallow you. All in a normal day’s work!


5. But seriously, it is pretty here.

This is where my Eyeless Skull came from.


Near here, you can sell your crew’s memories.


This is not for eating.


Here is where you find eels.


No one will talk to you here.


The extra buttresses help keep the secrets in.


You can buy a hunter’s eyeball here.


Their food only sometimes has human meat!


This is a normal mushroom that people live inside.


Don’t ever go inside.


It probably isn’t sticky in there.


On this island, someone steals your clothes.


6. My skills are valued in a normal way.

These skeptical surface-folks enjoy my stories!


This tomb-colony leader appreciates my thoughtful gift.


I can deliver some “trinkets.”


My privacy is important.


I can help this gentleman escape his outfit-jail.


My tasks will help relieve someone’s pain!


I am an adventurous eater.


These “exports” are valuable.


I’m not limited by conventional morality.


I hone my deduction skills.


I’m helping a poisoner with his third act.


I’m . . . an adventurous eater.


Strangers feel comfortable with me.


7. Everything is normal.

This sunlight won’t kill me right away.


In a fog bank, I lose my mind.


“A child screams”


My friends disappear.


I have generous benefactors.


My deviless friend has regrets.


Sometimes it’s wasps who harvest the eyes.


Sure sure sure sure.


Everything is normal.

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