All The Biggest News from the Nindies Showcase Spring 2019

Ports, new releases, and an indie game sale coming to everyone’s favorite console

The now regular showcase spoiled players by providing trailers and information on the latest batch of games heading the the Nintendo Switch. Let’s start with the most exciting new releases, shall we?

The Red Lantern

Game Director of Timberline Studio, Lindsey Rostal, showed off a trailer for their new story-driven roguelike game, The Red Lantern. You play as a someone seemingly haunted by failures and squandered potential trying to make something of themselves by gathering a team of sled dogs and competing in the Iditarod, a grueling and endurance-testing dog sled race across Alaska.

Animal rights activists have long opposed the race on the basis of animal cruelty, both from the race itself and competitors pushing their teams well beyond the boundary of ethical treatment. Whether this game approaches those subject is yet to be seen. The Red Lantern is slated for later this year.

Neo Cab

Get behind the wheel of a rideshare cab in the dystopian future city of Los Ojos in Neo Cab, developed by Chance Agency. You’re looking for a friend mixed up deep in trouble with Capra, the oppressive governing body ruling over the citizenry. Along the way, you must keep taking rides to earn money, manage your mood and raise your company rating.

It’s a critique of the late capitalism gig economy worn on the sleeve, but the stylish design, interesting characters and narrative focus looks interesting enough to keep Neo Cab on your radar until it launches this summer.

Katana Zero

Here’s a hell of a pitch: you’re a time-bending ninja assassin who sits down for a therapy session after every mission. In Katana Zero, developed by Askiisoft, you most dispatch your foes with deadly accuracy because one wrong move will put you down for good. Luckily, your power to manipulate time allows you to retry a room from the beginning, learning from past mistakes.

Pre-purchase is now available ahead of its April 18 release on Nintendo Switch and PC.


Bring life back to a twice-destroyed world as the young protagonist in Rad, the latest game from DoubleFine and Lee Petty. In this top-down, third-person game, you will scuffle your way through a blasted-out wasteland, pummeling monsters and acquiring super-weird mutations of your own. At the end of the trailer, there was an ominous line about that being only the prelude to your true mission. We will all have to wait and find out when Rad drops on Nintendo Switch this summer.

Creature in the Well

Looking for all the world like a meets-meets of pinball and Hyper Light Drifter, Creature in the Well tasks your robotic character with descending into the eponymous depths to save both captured villagers and the world outside from being forgotten by time. The top-down adventure from Flight School Studio deploys a pinball-inspired combat system where you bounce balls of energy around the environment using dozens of unique weapons. Discover the darkness in the depths this summer.


Dutch independent studio Vlambeer had a suite of announcements today, including an announcement that Nuclear Throne is out on the Switch today. Finally, Rami Ismail can find rest. But accompanying that was news on two other games: Super Crate Box will be coming to Switch in April and boast console-exclusive features; and Vlambeer Arcade will be available later this year, giving players access to an ever-growing selection of bite-sized games, starting with bullet-hell shooter Ultra Bugs.

Cadence of Hyrule

Fans of both Crypt of the Necrodancer and Legend of Zelda now have something to share, as Brace Yourself Games is releasing a new rhythm-driven adventure title co-starring Link and Princess Zelda. As in their last hit, time your movement and abilities to the beat of remixed tunes in order to overcome bosses, dungeons and puzzles. This collaboration drops sometime this spring.

Ports, Previously Released and All Other Titles
Savings on Existing Titles

As a final part of the showcase, Nintendo announced that many of the indie titles are now on sale in their online store, helping us all fill the time between now and when the fantastic-looking games we saw today come out. Discounted games include Night in the Woods, Yoku’s Island Express, Donut County (which we reviewed), and more.

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