Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Shows Off New Hero, Wall Running

I want to believe it will make it to the final game, okay?

While the biggest news from The Star Wars Show Live might have been the announcement and trailer for Episode IX, rumors that Respawn was working on a new game in the massive franchise had many watching a livestream earlier today for more details. Official tweets preceding the event promised “no microtransactions” and “no loot boxes”, along with a single-player experience that breaks from the recent trend of Star Wars games published by EA.

Several Respawn employees, including founder Vince Zampella and game director Stig Asmussen, took the stage to discuss what players could expect from Jedi: Fallen Order. Zampella was quick to reiterate the promise of no loot boxes or microtransactions of any kind, a declaration that had the audience cheering. This might ring a little strange coming from the head of a studio currently developing a massively popular game with microtransactions, along with the fact that publisher EA has a sordid history with implementing loot boxes in Star Wars titles.

Despite all that, the team was excited to share details about the characters and world in which Fallen Order will take place. Much of what we know about the game comes from a trailer shown during the event. Asmussen pointed out that while it is a story-based trailer, everything shown was rendered in-engine using assets players will see in the game.

We will play as Cal Kestis (voiced by Gotham actor Cameron Monaghan), a former padawan who survived the calamitous Order 66, in which the Empire labeled Jedi as traitors and carried out a systematic genocide against them. Since that time, Cal has been working for a scrapper guild and doing his all to hide his connection to the Force. Throughout scenes of rainy scrapyards, crowded subways and other urban environments, Cal stresses the importance of staying under the radar and never revealing what he is capable of.

We also see the inquisitor known as the Second Sister, who will be a recurring antagonist in the game. She was accompanied by Purge Troopers, Imperial soldiers specially trained to fight Jedi. To help him survive, Cal will join a “family of sorts” in the classic Star Wars style – a motley crew of dissidents and resistance, barely escaping aboard a ship.

Also in classic fashion, Cal will be joined by his droid companion, BD-1. Equipped with a powerful spotlight and other tools that players can upgrade throughout the game, BD-1 will be a dependable ally and source of light within an otherwise dark story, according to narrative director Aaron Contreras.

The combat will focus on an action melee style that is easy to pick up but provides depth for those who invest time in mastering it. “It was important that we strike that balance,” Asmussen said. “Combat is key to us.” The team did not confirm whether the wall running mechanic from the Titanfall franchise would make it into Fallen Order, but the trailer clearly displays Cal sprinting along a fortified wall to bridge a blasted out ramp. So, consider it a maybe?

While there’s much here for fans to gush over (famous sound designer Ben Burtt created original content for the game; there is an older black woman, played by Debra Wilson, who is a former Jedi Knight and part of Cal’s crew), it is disappointing to see another young, white man garner top billing as a Jedi.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will launch simultaneously on Xbox One, PS4 and PC November 15.


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