Mario Maker 2 Will Contain a Castle Full of New Features

Multiplayer, new course functions, an invitational tournament, and so much more.

Strap on those hard hats and brush up on your OSHA guidelines because Nintendo released a Mario Maker 2 Direct Wednesday that poured fresh details about the upcoming game like it was laying a concrete foundation. From multiplayer to an expanded toolkit to a dedicated story mode, the sequel to one of the Wii U’s most memorable game is shaping up nicely.

The biggest change to the sequel is the addition of multiplayer, allowing you and up to three friends to get in on the action. Two builders can create stages together, while cooperative romps through Course World will support up to four players at a time. Looking for a more cutthroat experience? The multiplayer versus mode will sacrifice your friendship upon the altar of competition as you race to the finish flag. I’m having sweaty flashback to playing New Super Mario Bros. with people I may or may not speak to anymore.


Speaking of previous entries, you will be able to build courses in the Super Mario 3D World style. Since Mario and Co. can climb, dive and pounce their way through stages in the catsuit, these levels will give you access to unique tools, enemies, and level design elements. Cat Bowser will even make an appearance, decidedly less ferocious when sporting paws instead of claws. Internet sleuths are already postulating further styles will become available in the future.

If you’re completely new to the franchise and find the mountain of features at your disposal overwhelming, Mario Maker 2 will introduce a story mode designed to gradually introduce the tools in Mario’s belt. In this mode, Princess Peach’s castle has been mysteriously demolished (or disappeared, or any other manner of shenanigans), and it’s up to Mario and a band of industrious Toads to rebuild it from the very foundations. These 100+ levels were specifically tailored by the game’s developers to offer a steady challenge to both returning fans and new players.

Want to spice up your creations? The new Night Mode will add mysterious new folds to your levels, such as flipping the world upside down, giving enemies the ability to float, restricting your sight to a pinprick of light, and more. Players can also choose from a suite of music created by famed video game composer Koji Kondo. The Direct said it best: “Who else could capture the sound of the Super Mario Series?”

On top of all this, the Direct exhaustively pored through a selection of new features intrepid level builders will have access to, including (but definitely not limited to) Angry Sun, Red Yoshi, snake blocks, big coins, on/off switches, seesaws, and swinging claws. Fans have speculated the addition of slopes since they were seemingly teased in an earlier Direct, and they were showcased in detail here.

Perhaps the most surprising announcement was for a Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational, which promises “live competitive gameplay”. Whether that means we can see master class stage building in real time remains to be seen. Is Mario Maker 2 an esport? Phew, the future is bananas.

Anyone with an ounce of affection for the venerated platforming series will likely find something to like in Mario Maker 2, whether you’re more comfortable building the courses or blasting through them. Expect to see more details at E3 ahead of the game’s June 28 release date.



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