Apex Legends Shows Off New Legend, Weapon, Battle Pass Update and More at EA Play

Developers at the EA Play showcase want to give hungry fans a reason to keep dropping

Respawn grabbed the second portion of the EA Play showcase to bring Apex Legends players a taste of what’s to come in the future. Along with plenty of details about the overhauled battle pass for season 2, they revealed the 10th Legend coming to King’s Canyon: Wattson.

Wattson is the daughter of the man responsible for building the arena, and she apparently grew up there alongside all of the legends. She’s affectionately called the kid sister, and she is the first Legend not to sport mercenary or soldier on her work resume. As a non-healing support, Wattson can drop electrified pylons that link together, forming constructed barriers for defense or ambushes. Her ultimate, the Interception Pylon, sports a couple of functions: it blocks incoming projectiles while also supercharging the ultimates of anyone within it area of effect.

Wattson will be added alongside a new weapon familiar to Titanfall 2 players, L-Star light machine gun. It will only be available from cargo crates and use a unique type of ammo, making it a powerful and possibly game changing piece of loot in-game. It can also break doors, the only gun in the game with such a capability.

The new season, called Battle Charge, begins on July 2nd and will introduce a fresh, tuned-up battle pass. Gone are the badges and other “filler” rewards that frustrated players in season 1. Instead, more skins and cosmetics (from two new categories not shown today) will be up for grabs as you gain levels. Challenges are moving to a weekly model, reducing the stress of logging in and playing every day. If you prefer waiting until the weekend to knock out the week’s challenges, the new battle pass will work great. The developers said they want players to experience the challenges at their own pace.

Almost every weapon and piece of gear will be subject to a round of balancing when season 2 drops, and the Mozambique was singled out as becoming “very playable” soon. New skins for a few weapons will be available in normal and gold editions within the Season 2 battle pass.

The developers outlined new game modes for the more hardcore Apex fans. Finish a match in the top 5 and you’ll gain access to the Apex Elite Queue, which is designed to foster a more competitive skill-oriented player ecosystem. Respawn is also adding an official ranked mode to Apex Legends, complete with six tiers and a matchmaking system for queuing. While the developers were tight mouthed on specifics, they hinted at other map changes or modes to come in the future.

Finally, the wrap-up trailer showed an ominous shot of some giant flying beast’s eye. The team said only to keep watch on any changes to King’s Canyon in the near future. Is Apex Legends attempting to adopt Fortnite’s model of in-game storytelling? In the meantime, current players can enjoy a Double XP weekend that celebrates the beginning of Legendary Hunts, a suite of challenges for skilled players that reward unique weapon and Legend skins.

Hopefully it will keep us all busy until season 2 begins on July 2.


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