FIFA 20 And Madden 20 Bring Entirely New Experiences

They made another one.

Author’s note: Please read this article once through for FIFA, then re-read for Madden.

The rules of football have remained unchanged for the past year. In spite of this, EA went and made another one.

The 2020 edition of the game features a new mode which adds a very slight variation to the standard mode that you would usually play. This is a good reason to make another one.

There is promised improvement to the way the game AI behaves, despite the rules not changing, which absolutely could not be a simple downloadable patch.

The latest edition of the game features an updated 2020 roster, which could only be achieved technically via purchasing a whole new game.

All of the updates to gameplay are promised as reactions to feedback from the playerbase, which is good, because they keep buying them.

The game will cost the same as all other AAA titles, and deserves that, despite the nickel-and-dime microtransactions.

The game will be out later this year.

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