E3 PC Gaming Show: the best bits

This year’s PC Gaming show at E3 was a fast-paced blur of games, updates, sequels, ports, interviews, and shark costumes. Well, one shark costume. For those who missed it, here are the featured games we’re most looking forward to.

Vampire: The Masquerade–Bloodlines 2

We saw the first (pre-alpha) gameplay footage of this sequel, featuring the newly-vampiric main character trying to survive in their new life. You’ll of course be living in secret, drinking blood for sustenance, and managing your relationships and allies in different vampire factions. You can also now sense the emotions of your prospective meals and can gain certain boosts depending on their mood. We wish you the best of luck surviving in this dark and fractured version of Seattle (just please don’t drink our blood).



Developed by Ominux Games and published by Chucklefish, Starmancer is a space base management game in which you maintain and grow your colony to help humanity survive. You can venture out and interact with other characters and factions, customize your entire colony room by room, and decide how to deal with invaders. The art style is recognizably Stardew Valley adjacent and it features space pirates, so we’re pretty sold.


Midnight Ghost Hunt

This asymmetrical PvP game pits a team of ghosts against a team of hunters armed with an array of ghost-busting tools. Ghosts can possess objects to hide and evade the hunters in hopes of surviving until midnight, when their fallen comrades can be resurrected in a more powerful form to turn the tables. Whether you’re destroying spirits or inhabiting chairs, this looks to be a lighthearted and fun horror game, probably best played with friends.


Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy

Unexplored 2 is a beautiful top-down fantasy roguelike with a variety of environments, from gorgeously tranquil to dark and atmospheric. It features combat, exploration, environmental hazards, magic, and a variety of monsters large and small. Though the objectives and endgame are unclear from the trailer, the fantastic art style and creativity of environments and NPCs are enough for us to definitely give this one a try.


Remnant: From the Ashes

Evil tree-beings have taken over the world, and you have to defeat them. Though the game starts on post-apocalyptic Earth, you will be traveling to many different worlds, encountering procedurally generated events, bosses, and loot. It’s a bit slower paced and more difficult than average, but you’ll be able to get help from friends by playing part or all of the game in co-op. However, your friends’ games may not progress the same way yours does.



Klei Entertainment brings us a deck building game about fighting and negotiating your way through a sci-fi world of bandits and more. The trailer demonstrated using your cards in many different ways to charm, attack, or recruit allies, and eventually rescue someone. The art style resembles Mark of the Ninja, the world is intriguing, and we’re looking forward to seeing how much trouble we can get in at various bandit-infested space bars. The game is early in development and the release date hasn’t been announced.


Planet Zoo

From the makers of Zoo Tycoon, Planet Zoo is a large scale zoo management game focused on the well being of your animals and more “modern” goals of zookeeping. It features complex and detailed animals who react realistically to their surroundings, people, and other animals. You’ll be in charge of general zoo management but also constructing comfortable habitats and seeing to the needs of the animals. There looks to be plenty of furry friends to meet and take care of, but we’re unfortunately not yet sure if you can pet the dogs wolves.


Per Aspera

The trailer for this game was quite short and sweet, but we got a glimpse of your perspective of Mars as an AI tasked with terraforming the planet and creating a safe new haven for humanity. Who doesn’t want to be a space robot? The footage showed a top-down view of Mars, including possibly maps or plans for bases and habitats. You’ll have to manage building and resources to complete your goals and advance space exploration.


Genesis Noir

This surreal black and white game spans the mind bending time before, during, and after the creation of the universe. The art style is simple, gorgeous, and often abstract. The main character looks like the classic noir detective, but appears to be traveling through different worlds throughout time and space, trying to save his love. This promises to be quite the unusual adventure and we’re intrigued to see the finished product, although no release date has been announced yet.


El Hijo

You play as a young boy separated from his mother, living in a monastery. Using stealth, trickery, and your wits, you must escape and travel through desert environments to find her. This game focuses on stealth and has no violence or combat, just the ingenuity of a child. The art style is stylized, colorful, and reminiscent of a bright and detailed painting. The unique mechanics and beautiful isometric world make this a game we’re very much looking forward to.


Other notable announcements


Chivalry 2: Huge first person medieval battles, siege weapons, raids, castles, horses, improved combat, and apparently the ability to use chickens as weapons


Last Oasis: Post-apocalyptic human factions must avoid the scorching sun on the now-stationary Earth, and fight for survival in hand to hand combat and with what appear to be strandbeest war machines


Age of Wonders: Planetfall: The new Age of Wonders game in a sci-fi universe with traditional turn based strategy gameplay, many different factions to choose from, and detailed combat


Shenmue 3: This long-awaited open world RPG promises to continue the story from the previous games as you try to find the man who murdered your father


Vermintide 2 update: New versus mode lets you face off with another team of players for action filled PvP


Maneater: Play as a shark growing and evolving, trying to survive and possibly exact revenge on the fisherman who hurt you as a child


Warframe: Empyrean: New spaceships and ship-to-ship battles with your crew, in space!


Baldur’s Gate 3: The third installment in the series, based on Dungeons & Dragons 5e, is set 100 years after the second game and features huge threats like mind flayers


These are just some of the games and updates announced in the show — if you want the full experience you can check out the video here, and be sure to check back on Autosave for more E3 coverage!


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