Global Online Conference Gamedev World Streams Free All Weekend with More Than 30 Guest Speakers

Trading convention halls for internet tubes brings developers together across languages and borders

Conventions that focus on marketing games to players exist in abundance, while developer-focused meetups on the same scale are limited to GDC. Rami Ismael, half of development duo Vlambeer, wants to change that with, a streaming-only conference starting today and runs through June 23 in several languages.

Among the more than 30 scheduled speakers are Conrad Roset, the creative director of Gris, talking about his process, Osama Hussein of Sumo Digital discussing Arabic language in games, artist Gabby DaRienzo on overcoming creative blocks, and more.

The breadth of topics covered during throughout the weekend range from managing life as a parent while developing games, to finding publishers beyond your local environment, to lessons learned from the quest log in the recently released Pathologic 2.

Ismail and his partners first announced back in January of this year, promising all talks would be streamed, or at least closed-captioned and translated, into Arabic, Simplified Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. This allows speakers to use their native language without losing any of the audience.

It’s also completely free of charge, combating one of the most common complaints that events like GDC are prohibitively expensive for smaller devs when accounting for tickets, travel, time off, etc. Factors that affect international devs, such as fraught borders and language barriers, don’t matter when all of the content lives online.

In addition to a constant, 3-day livestream, venues around the world are hosting watch events for the duration of Gamedev World. Check the website for a list of venues (relatively) near you, or visit the livestream for new speakers, new topics, and new perspectives throughout the weekend.


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