An Bundle and Storewide Sale Helps You Save on Summer Gaming

Six excellent indie titles heralds big markdowns on games across the platform


If E3 left you exhausted with AAA-studio designs and desires, is offering a spoonful of indie medicine in the form of their Summer Selects Bundle. Six fantastic games from studios not named Ubisoft or EA or Microsoft can be yours for $9. The marketplace for very independent games (which you should definitely pay more attention to) is also running a general summer sale, with steep discounts on games across their platform. The bundle is only available for six more days, but you can browse the other offerings until July 1.

While I’ve only played Paratopic and EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER — both of which I’d recommend in a heartbeat — popular opinion makes this small collection seem a real winner. Between the flagship offering and the general sale on other titles, you can stay occupied all summer without dropping big money on a blockbuster release.

Arguably the most well-known game in the Bundle, SUPERHOT holds tight to its popularity more than three years after initial release. Time ticks forward only when you move in this starkly colored, sharp-as-a-knifepoint FPS, which creates moments of thrilling and ridiculous gunkata gameplay. If you STILL haven’t experienced one of the most unique experiences in recent development, now’s your chance.

This is honestly the first I’ve heard of BFF or Die, but the addition of a cooperative game will never go unappreciated, especially when described as “white knuckle friendship challenges”. Explore dark places, avoid mummies and get up to some assorted shenanigans with a friend or three. Because sometimes you want to play something *other* than Jackbox games for a change.

What if you were a frog, but also a detective, and then also stranded on a mysterious and haunted island? Gee, does this bundle have the perfect game for you. Developer Grace Bruxner is known for her adorable and endearing characters, many of whom you’ll meet and help with the help of your very on brand magnifying glass.

Beating up fascists never goes out of fashion, and doing so while encased in full-body mech armor comprised of charnel parts only improves the experience. This episodic visual novel from Heather Flowers has managed to stay popular on Itch since it initially released, and for good reason: it’s one of the best examples of queer, apolcalyptic naxi-punching interactive storytelling out there.

I’ve previously written about the unsettling and unforgettable Paratopic here before, so arguing why it makes this bundle more necessary is easy. Equal parts lo-fi horror and slow-burn thriller, ArbitraryMetric’s first game swings from David Lynch-esque stilted reality to the grimiest ‘90s horror aesthetic. It’s about an hour and change, so turn down the lights and prepare for one of 2018’s best experiences.

If you follow the same kind of wonderful indie game folks online I do, you’ve likely heard mention of Cube Escape: Paradox several times and always meant to check it out. None of us have an excuse to let Rusty Lake’s escape room game/film slip through our fingers, this time. It’s two pieces of weird, dimension-bending art in one bundle. A deal within a deal!

The Summer Selects Bundle is available for purchase through until June 28, but you have until July 1 to decide which games from the larger sale will end up in your library. Why not leave the season passes, lootboxes, and games-as-service titles to collect some dust this summer and instead kick back with some indie games?

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