New Sword and Shield Trailer Introduces New Monsters, Leaders and Version Exclusives

What if Pokémon big… but also different?

The Official Pokémon Website released another trailer full of information as we inch ever closer to the November release of Pokémon Sword and Shield. We caught a peek at some new potential friends, learned about an additional wrinkle in the Dynamax ability, and saw the first glimpse at version exclusivity in Generation 8.

We knew from E3 footage that the adorable, static-generating Corgi Yamper existed, but they received a bit of the spotlight this morning. Like many dogs, Yamper chases after pretty much anything that moves, be it balls, other Pokémon or even vehicles. Yours might even retrieve a thrown Pokéball that failed to catch!

The rock-type Rolycoly may look like an electric unicycle you piloted through a muddy ditch, but the hunk of coal happily scoots through caves and mines on its own. I’m betting it makes a handy source of food for Duraludon, the steel/dragon Pokémon. Lightweight despite its composition, this angular beastie apparently rumbles on the regular for territory with Tyranitar.

The final new Pokémon, Alcremie, is a pastry chef’s dream. The fairy-type doesn’t just use their mousse to subdue foes: apparently, it’s the pinnacle of sweet baking ingredients. Anyone who ingests it suddenly feels like doing nothing but relaxing. So, just like any time I over indulge on dessert.

But Alcremie hides a secret ability that only certain Pokémon in the Galar region express. We’ve seen our companions grow to gargantuan sizes in battle using Dynamax, but trainers might be lucky enough to catch one who changes form when harnessing the Galar Region’s signature power.

It’s called Gigantimax, and it bestows all of the same battle bonuses with a little something extra. Gigantimaxed Pokémon take on a new form and gain a special G-move. It’s not clear yet who all can tap into this potential or how you will be able to tell when hunting the wilds. 

Version exclusives have been a key feature in the Pokémon series since the beginning, and Sword and Shield continue the tradition with some past dragon types. Those who buy Pokémon Sword will have access to Deino and Jangmo-o, while Pokémon Shield owners can capture Larvitar and Goomy. But now prospective players will have to consider gym leader exclusivity in the version purchase (unless you throw down cash for both). The fighting-type leader Bea will only show up in Sword and displays a stoic adherence to martial arts. Also, she’s shredded.

Her counterpart is the shy and reclusive ghost-type leader Allister, who hides his face behind his mask and likes to hang out in cemeteries (probably listening to mid-2000s My Chemical Romance). 

Two other new faces showed up in the trailer, though their role in the story is unclear. Chairman Rose cuts a dapper figure with his trendy haircut and weirdly intricate tie knot. Oleana, who looks extremely done with someone’s bullshit, is ostensibly involved in Galar’s gym structure. Perhaps she keeps Rose from buying too many Teslas or something.

That’s all for this round of information. As always, keep checking Autosave for more Pokémon updates in the future! Sword and Shield will release for Nintendo Switch on November 15. 

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