About Autosave

Autosave is the product of a group of gamers, creators and journalists coming together to create something sorely missing in the gaming community – a news source with kindness at its heart.

From day one, the main purview of Autosave has been to produce informative and entertaining content which focuses on the positive side of gaming – and where the news is not good, how things can possibly be improved. We look at the social, societal and psychological aspects of gaming and highlight areas where games succeed in tackling difficult issues; we look at the different ways that people play games, from unusual rulesets to charity drives and beyond; we cover gaming news in a way that is accessible, understandable and independent. Most importantly, we are aware that the most critical thing in the modern age of gaming is a sense of community. We look at the way people build friendships and deep connections around their gaming time, be it couch co-op on the Switch or eSports venues with powerful PC rigs.

Want to get in touch? You can find us on Twitter: @autosavetv!